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they know the way.

31 years & 800 incarnations birthed King Polly... & here I am, Comedian & Entertainer of the Year! As I once so famously said, "Art is anything you can see with your eyes, that isn't a person." Well, I'd like to edit that:


I've often felt a split within myself, and the King & the Polly represent so many etheric qualities and archetypal fun... it represents everything. Breaking bondage, finding freedom often comes when we rename ourself. When we consciously choose who we really are. I had to say NO to what I was told I was, in order to shout YESH to what I really am.

Realizing I am BOTH the good and the bad, the king and the servant, the light and the dark, the comedy and the art, the yin and the yang, the play and the work, the feminine and the masculine... realizing I AM WHOLE, BOTH, NEITHER, ALL. 

I began my YouTube channel March 2018, filming and doing what I was always waiting for others to do for me. It was and is not perfect, but it is my offering to the world. LAUGHTER, COLOR, ZANE, LOVE.....AND HUH? 

Creating around 80 videos, I then restructured in the beginning of 2019 fine tuning the series you now find: KING POLLYS WORLD! I create a window into my world with 20 minute episodes. I've also recently launched KING POLLY LOVES where I highlight different things I love, usually in my home VEGAS!!!! 

Music, whimsy, laughter, joy, and turning the inside into the outside, that's what I am all about. If you're anything like me, you simply don't give a f*&k what anyone's opinion about you is, because YOU know who you are. 

Thank you for joining me, for watching me, for being my friend, for seeing me, and hopefully, for sharing the magic already within you!



King Polly


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