Daily Wisdom Quote King Polly Does Yoga Notebook

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From @KingPollyDoesYoga's daily wisdom cards shared on Instagram #198 / 2021 :
"You don't need to know the end to begin...
you can't know it...
but you can enjoy the unknown
that is here,
The inside cover holds a special affirmation: I AM HERE TO SERVE IN MY OWN WAY ... signed with a heart and crown
& the back inside cover has my King Polly Does Yoga logo.
Teaching yoga and meditation in Las Vegas has taught me a million helpful things... including the power of sharing what you are, now. There is no better time to start being WHO YOU TRULY ARE than NOW.
Journaling will always be an important part of my practice,
writing and releasing,
as well as intending and creating. Do you enjoy writing? Try not to judge what comes out, but rather greet it like a loving parent. You are awesome!
I still go back and read who I was as far back as 1994.. and am so thankful to be given my voice back. Use this notebook for anything and everything and I hope it helps you find your authentic voice and bring about miracles!
Thank you,
King Polly
118 page spiral notebook with ruled line paper.
.: Front cover print
.: 118 ruled line single pages
.: Black back cover


.: Front, back and inside cover print
.: 75 lined single pages
.: Glossy laminated cover
.: Note: 0.5"x0.5" production barcode visible on the back cover